| Hello April: bringing outdoors, in

H ello April, a new month full of vitality and a positive vibe. This month is bringing the light and colours of spring, blooming gardens and green landscapes. It's also bringing a well-deserved break this weekend, and Easter celebrations all around the world.

Brands also introduce their new collections inspired by spring. Garden collections, light and airy textiles and a new home accessories full of colour.

Reading today about Llarline spring collection, I couldn't help smiling while I was looking at their fun and quirky way to decorate gardens for spring. Colour, unexpected products and lot of ideas outside the box to create an outdoor space full of personality and charm.

If you are starting your Easter break tomorrow have a lovely long weekend and drive safe. See you all next week and but please stay connected through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Hola abril, un mes que llega cargado de energía y vitalidad. Este mes nos trae la luz y los colores de la primavera, los campos en flor y los verdes paisajes naturales tan propios de esta estación del año. Este mes también nos trae un merecido descanso de Semana Santa, una oportunidad para hacer un alto en el camino y escapar a algún lugar diferente.

Las marcas de decoración visten este mes sus colecciones de primavera. Nuevos productos y mobiliario para jardines y exteriores se convierten en los protagonistas de la temporada. Tejidos suaves y ligeros y accesorios a todo color completan el look primaveral.

Hoy estaba echando un vistazo a la nueva colección de primavera de la firma de decoración Llarline y no he podido evitar sentirme inspirada esa decoración nada usual para zonas de exterior. Colores vivos, productos inesperados y muchas ideas llenas de originalidad componen espacios cargados de personalidad y encanto.

Si estáis a punto de comenzar a disfrutar de vuestro puente de Semana Santa, que tengáis un estupendo y muy merecido descanso. Nos vemos la semana, pero podéis seguir en contacto a través de Facebook, Twitter o Instagram.

 IMÁGENES | IMAGES: 1. Ventana con visillo blanco y amarillo | Window with white and yellow curtain, GINGERELLA; 2. Campo de flores | Flower landscape, VISUALIZE.US; 3. Dormitorio verde y amarillo | Mint and yellow bedroom, DOWN AND OUT CHIC; 4. Ropa tendida | Hanging clothes, IN A PERFECT WORLD; 6. Bicicleta y globo | Bike and balloon, DISORGANIZED; 7. Abeja en flor | Bee on flower, PAINTED LADIES; 8. Flores silvestres | Wild flowers, FLICKR

| Easter Break: 10 Tips To Plan a Road Trip


W e have four fantastic days ahead of us to break with our daily routines and do something different. Four days want be a lot of time to plan a holiday but they are enough to plan a fabulous road tip. A well-planned road tip can be the perfect plan with girlfriends, a romantic scape with your partner o a fun family adventure.

Today I'm sharing my 10 tips to plan a fantastic road trip for this long weekend!

1. Check the weather
The weather conditions shouldn't spoil the trip, but if it's going to be raining you definitely will have to adjust your outdoor activities to the weather conditions and be extra-cautious in the road.

2. Get your car ready
If you haven't had your car serviced for a while, do it this week. Before putting your car on the road, make sure it's clean and ready for the trip.

3. Plan your route
Make an itinerary and find places to visit, good restaurants for lunch or markets and events in the area. Don't just plan what to do at your destination, there will be hundreds of things to explore on your way too.

4. Renew your playlist
Don't play the same songs that you do to go to work everyday! Ask everyone to bring their own music too.

5. Bring some reading
I personally like to bring with me some reading as it keeps me away from the technology during the resting times. While you are reading a good book or some magazines you won't be checking your Facebook or your Instagram or replaying messages or emails that can wait until next week.

6. Have a picnic
Stop at a nice restaurant to have lunch sounds like a good idea, but if the weather is good, I have a better suggestion: have a picnic somewhere in the middle of your trip and get a bit of sunshine!

7. Travel light
We use so much stuff in our everyday life that trying to fit only the essential things for those few days can be a challenge. Yes, you need to be prepared but if you are traveling with friends or kids, you need to make sure that everyone's baggage fits in the boot, so just bring the essential stuff.

8. Plan the trip around your people
Escaping from the city and exploring new places is a great fun, but a road trip is above all a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family, friends or partner. Plan the trip around them not around the places or activities, the traffic, the budget... It doesn't matter where you eat, what you see or where you stay, what matters in with who you share all these experiences.

9. Be nice in the road
Nothing can spoil the mood more during your road trip than getting angry at other drivers. Yes, people make mistakes, nobody is perfect, live with it.

10. Don't rush
Forget the time and just go with the flow. Stop whenever you fill tired, or just wherever you want. Don't have a schedule, just a plan. Be spontaneous and above all be safe on the road and go back home safe and sound.

If you are also planning a small escape this weekend, download this fantastic road trip planner, designed by Grafika Studio, or get their travel planner from their Etsy shop, to make sure that everything goes as planned!

| Kitchen trends: mint barstools

Photo credits: Above. White kitchen with mint barstools from the April 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by Sophie The. Photography by Brooke Holm. Below. Left. A practical table/counter with triangular barstools in mint, via SF Girl By Bay. Right. White kitchen with impressive pendant lamp, also featuring four mint barstools, via Desire to Inspire

I often hear people saying that white kitchens are too clinical. 'It looks like a hospital kitchen...' people say. However white kitchen, as any other white room in the house, are actually a perfect canvas to bring as much colour that you want. And not just that, trends come and go, and colours that are trendy today they will look outdated tomorrow. However a white kitchen is timeless and gives you the chance to introduce colour through accessories, lamps, tea towels, etc, and replace them with any other colour when you get tired of them.

Some current colour trends for kitchen are pink, as we already saw in this other post, and mint. Both colours work very well together or in combination with golden or copper metals.

Today mint barstools are the focal point of these beautiful kitchens and the source of colour. I have picked my five favourite barstools in the market at the moment, all of them available in mint, and have done a bit of reseach on prices (see barstools below). Which one do you like the most?

A menudo escucho eso de que las cocinas en blanco son demasiado frías. Hay quien dice 'parece una cocina de hospital...'. Sin embargo, las cocinas blancos, al igual que cualquier otra habitación en blanco, son el lienzo perfecto para introducir tantos colores como se desee. Las tendencias van y vienen y lo que hoy se considera 'de moda' mañana parecerá desfasado. A los colores les ocurren lo mismo. Pero una cocina blanca es mucho mas atemporal y puede darte la oportunidad de introducir colores, mediante accesorios, lámparas, paños de cocina, etc, y sustituirlos por otros cuando te hayas cansado de ellos.

Los colores más de moda en cocinas este año son el rosa pastel, como ya vimos en esto otro post hace unas semanas, y el color verdeazulado (o menta). Ambos combinan perfectamente entre sí o con metales dorados o cobrizos.

Hoy traigo una selección de imágenes donde los taburetes de cocina en color menta son la pieza clave para introducir color en ellas. Abajo hay una selección de mis cinco diseños favoritos de taburetes, todos ellos disponible en suaves tonos verdeazulados, junto a sus precios orientativos. ¿Cuál de ellos te gusta más?

| Soft touches of pale pink

S omehow the pale pink tone managed to scape from baby girl nurseries to be presented in almost every room of the house, from cushions to rugs, walls, throws and everything in between is adopting the beautiful mute tones of dust pink and pastel pink. The best part of this transition is that pale pink tones managed to be in every room without making them look girly, maybe femenine, soothing, even sophisticated, but not girly. Here are a few examples of it.


De alguna manera las suaves tonalidades de rosa han conseguido escapar de las habitaciones de niñas para hacerse presentes en casi todas y cada una de las habitaciones de la casa. Desde cojines a alfombras, paredes o mantas, todo se viste de rosa. Lo mejor de todo ello es que el rosa se está introduciendo en cualquier habitación sin hacerla parecer infantil, quizás femenina, sosegada, incluso sofisticada, pero no infantil. Aquí van hoy unos cuantos ejemplos de ello.

Photo credits: Header image1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

| A Beach-front Home in Sydney

L ocated just minutes from the popular Bondi Beach, this 1930s Californian bungalow was renovated and converted to a beautiful four-bedroom house with a study, a landscaped garden and a pool.

I love the neutral palette combine with earthy materials, soft blue details and some pops of colour. With the fresh breeze coming from the ocean, and the natural light coming in through the large windows, this home feels cool, calm and airy.

You can step inside this beautiful home and take a virtual tour of it in the video of this article by Inside Out Magazine.

Situado a tan sólo dos minutos de la popular playa de Bondi, en Sydney, esta casa construida en los años treinta, fue renovada y transformada en un amplio hogar familiar de cuatro habitaciones con jardín posterior y piscina.

Me encanta la paleta de color en blanco combinada con materiales naturales, suaves pinceladas de azul claro y otras de colores más llamativos. Con la suave brisa del océano y la luz natural entrando en la casa a través de sus grandes ventanales, esta casa es un hogar fresco, sosegado y tranquilo.

Podéis entrar en esta casa y visitarla virtualmente en el video que encontraréis en este artículo de la revista Inside Out.

Photo credits Lauren Bamford

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