Autumn Kitchen Trends: Revamp Your Kitchen In Three Simple Steps

White wooden kitchenPhoto Toby Scott for Inside Out


When your kitchen does not look the way that you would like it to, you might find yourself feeling restless while inside your house. This makes sense, as most people want to feel a sense of comfort and joy with their homes. The best way to go about finding a cure for these blues is by revamping your kitchen.READ MORE

Beautiful Homewares by Iittala

Interiorkuva-06Photo credit Susana Vento for Iittala

Started as a glass factory in 1881, Finish brand Iittala today celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. From tableware and cookware to exquisite furniture and homeware they all embrace the quality, aesthetics and functionality of Scandinavia design.READ MORE

Kitchen Trends: Mint Barstools

White-kitchen-mint-barstoolsPhoto credits: Above. White kitchen with mint barstools from the April 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by Sophie The. Photography by Brooke Holm. Below. Left. A practical table/counter with triangular barstools in mint, via SF Girl By Bay. Right. White kitchen with impressive pendant lamp, also featuring four mint barstools, via Desire to Inspire

Ioften hear people saying that white kitchens are too clinical. ‘It looks like a hospital kitchen…’ people say. However white kitchen, as any other white room in the house, are actually a perfect canvas to bring as much colour that you want. And not just that, trends come and go, and colours that are trendy today they will look outdated tomorrow. However a white kitchen is timeless and gives you the chance to introduce colour through accessories, lamps, tea towels, etc, and replace them with any other colour when you get tired of them.READ MORE

Decorating With Straw Hats, Bags And Baskets

Straw hats and baskets displayPhoto credit Cristina Prescott

ou may have noticed a casual display of straw hats and bags in many summer rooms featured by decor blogs and industry magazines. It’s not that a distracted stylist forgot to removed all that stuff before the photographer took the photo. Those hats, bags and baskets have been included in the photo for a reason: they bring texture and colour on the walls of summer spaces.READ MORE

Beautiful Unusual Nightstands

blue-chair-nightstandPHOTO: Fantastic Frank

Many years ago a nightstand used to be a small piece of furniture with drawers. There was no other option, no room for creativity or new ideas. However, current design trends tend to break the rules in the bedroom by using the most unexpected objects as nightstands.READ MORE

A Playful Beach House In New York

Beach-Playhouse-Dining-Room-by-Chango-Co-07Westhampton Beach designed by Chango & Co. Photography by Sean Litchfield

Located in a quiet family neighborhood of Westhampton Beach, NY, this stunning five bedrooms homes was conceived as a city escape for a young family of five.READ MORE