| Turning your bedroom into a private retreat

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Y our bedroom can be a personal space that you can dedicate to yourself. You can use it to scape, to unwind, to be by yourself and feel good.

Even though I agree that work and food should not be allowed in your bedroom, I've always used my bedroom to study, learn, write and perform those tasks that are mentally stimulating. There are not distractions there, so I can easily concentrate on my thoughts. There are only two golden rules:
  1. Stressful work goes into my office, enjoyable work can come to the bedroom with me.
  2. No mental activities one hour before going to bed, otherwise I won't be able to sleep.
Many people also say that technology should not be allowed in the bedroom either. Well, that's a shame because I love taking my laptop with me to bed and reading my favourite blogs before going to sleep. I also love watching a movie in bed or just laying down and pinteresting on my iPad. So technology is allowed in my bedroom as long as it's used to relax and entertain.

If you also need a private space to unwind and dedicate time to yourself here are three key factors that can definitely help you turn your bedroom into a private retreat:

1. Creating different moods with lighting

Lighting is a very important factor in any bedroom, as it needs plenty of light in the mornings and dimmed light in the evenings. You need to take this into account to plan your lighting and make it as versatile as possible to vary depending on the task that you are performing in your bedroom. It's also important to choose the right window treatment that allows the natural light come in while giving privacy during the day, and blocking the light out during the night.

2. Defining areas and functions

If you have the space for it, divide your bedroom in different areas according to the task that needs to be performed in each area. Think about a hotel room, for instance, and how the space is divided in a dressing area, working area and sleeping area. Your bedroom could have a dressing area - that could be your wardrobe -, a beauty area - a dressing table -, a reading area - a armchair and a floor lamp next to the window -, working area - a desk - and of course, a sleeping area.

3. Adding emotion and meaning

Decorate your bedroom with things that are meaningful for you. Place pictures of love ones on your side table, hang prints with inspiring quotes on the walls, decorate the room with your favourite natural flowers, etc. Surround yourself with things that inspire you, create positive emotions and put a smile in your face every day.

| A relaxing family home with a vintage touch

W here many tenants would see an old and dated house these young couple saw in this rental property the perfect canvas to create a home full of vintage treasures. The exposed wall structures ended up creating a interesting backdrop in these house. The house was decorated with reclaimed furniture and old pieces found in flea markets.

The soothing colour palette of whites and neutrals with touches of green creates a relaxing interior for a young family of three. This house is located in Queensland, Australia, and was featured last week in InsideOut magazine.


D onde muchos inquilinos sólo verían una vieja casa desactualizada, una joven pareja encontró en su casa de alquiler un lienzo perfecto sobre el que añadir pinceladas de estilo vintage. Las paredes de madera con láminas vistas acabaron creando estancias llenas de interés visual. Cada rincón de esta cada fue decorado con piezas de mobiliario reciclado o rescatado de mercadillos de segunda mano.

La suave paleta de color de blancos y tonalidades neutras, junto con algunas pinceladas de verde, conforman un interior tranquilo y sosegado para una joven familia de tres. Esta casa está situada en Queensland, Australia, y fue publicada por la revista InsideOut magazine.

Photographer: Françoise Baudet
Stylist: Jacquline Kaytar

| Feng Shui Masterclass with Cristina Jové

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F eng Shui is an art originated in China, 3,000+ years ago, aimed to find harmony between the human being and the environment as well as achieve balance in the liveable spaces.

According to this millenarian technique, everything around us affects our thoughts, emotions and ultimately our actions. That's why it's extremely important to improve our living environment, starting with a deep analysis of our home, as it's the place where we spend most hours.

Today I'm delight to introduce Feng Shui expert Cristina Jové, who will give us some easy tips to achieve harmony, balance and well-being in our homes.

| Interview with Lamparás De Cartón

A fter loosing their jobs, two young entrepreneurs from Vigo, Spain, decided to bank on sustainability and recycling to launch a new product that not only is eco-friendly but also beautiful and creative: cardboard lamps! This is their story:

| Ever changing homes by Bloomingville

G oing intro spring, we all look for making slight changes to our home. There is always room for improvement inside every home and keeping that in mind Bloomingville brings every new season a beautiful and versatile collection of furniture and homewares to give your home a new fresh look.

This new season Bloomingville brings a collection inspired by nature, filled with organic shapes and botanical touches to complete the natural textures of their existing collection. They has also added two new collections to their catalogue: the Mini and Body Care collections, a range of new beautiful products for children and beauty products respectively.

Gitte Laegaard, a student at Kolding Design School in Denmark, has become Bloomingville 'artist of the season' and you can see her beautiful illustrations in the new SS15 catalogue too.

A medida que se acerca la primavera vamos buscando formas de adaptar nuestros hogares a la nueva estación. Cada rincón en casa puede siempre mejorarse y partiendo de esta idea Bloomingville nos trae cada año una colección de bellas y versátiles propuestas de decoración para dar a tu hogar un nuevo aire.

Este año Bloomingville trae una colección inspirada en la naturaleza y llena de formas orgánicas y motivos botánicos para completar las texturas naturales ya existentes en su colección. Además se añaden dos colecciones nuevas: una para niños llamada Mini y otra de productos de belleza llamada Body Care.

Gitte Leagaard, una estudiante danesa de la escuela de diseño de Kolding, ha sido proclamada este año 'estudiante de la temporada' incluyendo su colección de ilustraciones en el catálogo de primavera/verano 2015.