| Six trendy things to transform your bedroom

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I f you are thinking about updating your bedroom and don't know what to keep and what to toss, to help you decide here are today six trendy items for modern bedrooms this year:

1. Dust Pink - mute colours in general and dust pink in particular, combined with white and shades of grey, add a feminine touch to the bedroom and create a Scandinavian inspired colour scheme .

2. Over-sized mirrors - don't hang them on the walls, just put them on the floor next to your wardrobe or dressing area. They are a must in the bedroom this year!

Edina Wall Mirror by Country Road

3. Copper, blush leather and white marble, combined with a classic natural wood, are the most popular materials in accessories this year. They will give a sophisticated touch to the bedroom.

4. Geometric shapes - especially hexagons have become the hero of 2015 and are now everywhere, in patterns, in accessories, in pendant lights, etc.

Norsu Interiors Bedroom, featuring product by Menu, OYOY Living Design and Louise Vilmar. Styling by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors and photography by Armelle Habib. Photo credit Norsu Interiors

Modern Garment Rack by Danish furniture design brand Woud
5. Pendants or desk lamps - the traditional side-table lamp is been replaced by pendants hanging on the ceiling over the side-table or by desk lamps that facilitate tasks like reading in bed.

6. Good-bye wardrobes, hello garment racks - cloth racks are becoming a popular option in rentals and young apartments that don't want to waste money or space in putting together a wardrobe for the bedroom. The traditional garment racks are back in modern and beautiful designs and a big variety of DIY designs to steal.

Ladder, chair and trow blanket by Country Road

| Decorating with botanical wallpaper

Photo credit Idha Lindhag

T he large variety of wallpaper designs in the current market makes very difficult to decide which wallpaper will be right for our home and personal style and which one won't. When it comes to botanical patterns many people tend to think that these design will look old and outdated on their walls.

Floral wallpaper is beautiful, charming and timeless. They are widely used by designers to add a wow factor in vintage kitchens and dinning rooms or the feminine elegant touch in bedrooms or a walking wardrobe. They can bright up girls rooms or create a welcome feel in any hallway.

Photo credits 1. Idha Lindhag ; 2. Dromma

If you have decided to try a beautiful botanical wallpaper in any room of your house here are a few tips to decorate the rest of the room.
  • White furniture and textiles will look great with your colourful wallpaper and won't make the room look too busy.
  • If you want to add some colour in furniture, textiles and details choose colour blocks. Try not to mix too many patterns.
  • You can still place simple artwork or black and white photographs on your walls. Alternatively you can decorate your walls with mirrors.

Photo credit: 1, 2 & 5 Sandberg Wallpaper; 3. Lina Ostling; 4. Sveinung Brathen

| A whimsical home in Los Angeles

L ast week, the popular blog Decor8 introduced the talented American photographer Brittany Ambridge. After seeing everyday a growing tendency to mute-coloured photography, with low saturation or minimalistic colour palettes, I can't help feeling immediately captivated by the bright colours of Brittany's work.

After spending sometime immersed on her beautiful portfolio (and the 23 rooms introduced by Decor8) I have selected one of her recent works for Domino Magazine: a colourful renovated home in Los Angeles.

Inside, the house features gorgeous Moroccan floor tiles in the kitchen and whimsical mix of bright colors. Outside, a sunshine yellow Dutch door framed by hot-pink bougainvillea and a soft blue facade evoke the spirit of an exotic resort.

Images: Brittany Ambridge

| Kitchen Lighting Tips

T he kitchen is the busiest room in the house and the centre of activity for cooking, dining and entertaining. Having enough light to work comfortably in the kitchen is essential. However, when it comes to kitchen lighting, one of the most common mistake that people make is trying to light the entire kitchen with one fixture centered in the ceiling.

As a multi-functional space, layered lighting is essential. Task lighting to chop, slide or read a recipe is very important in any kitchen. Task lighting can be achieved by incorporating down-lights, pendants and spotlights underneath the overhead cabinets or over the island. However, if task lighting is misplaced it can actually hinder your ability to work efficiently, throwing shadows on your workspace.

Kitchens used to be just a functional space strictly for food preparation, however modern kitchens have now many other functions. They are a space to enjoy a coffee early in the morning, sit down and help your kids with their homework, or have a glass of wine while cooking dinner. Some kitchens are now part of living areas in an open-plan living space. Therefore, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere with ambient lighting in the kitchen is also very important.

This calm and relaxing mood can be achieved by incorporating soft dim lighting. Strip lights are currently a very popular choice. Other lighting solutions are flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, a pendant hanging over the island and adjustable track lighting.

Accent lighting is also becoming more popular everyday in modern kitchens. For example, lighting inside glass cabinets or on an artwork highlighted in the breakfast area can have a very decorative effect in the kitchen.

Image source: The Block Glasshouse (Apartment 6) via The Style Curator

| Exotic findings and Scadi vibe in Tine K Home

D anish homewares brand Tine K Home has recently launched the new catalogue Spring/Summer 2015. With a passion for beautiful objects, exotic cultures and great stories, the new SS15 collection includes textiles, furniture, and accessories and other unique findings from different journeys abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, India etc. The Scandinavian simplicity is combined with handmade items and charming objects from all over the world to bring the warmth and cosiness of natural materials and artisan objects into our homes.