| Decorating with succulents

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S ucculents are the favourite household plant for those who don't have a very good track record with keeping plants alive. This sturdy plant is very easy to care for and doesn't required a lot of maintenance.

Succulents don't need to be watered as much as other household plants. In the hottest days you can water them once a week, while in cooler months they can survive with no water for much longer. A good indication to when you need to water them is when the soil is dry.

How to decorate with succulents


1. Bookshelves - add some greenery to your living room or study room by incorporating small pots of succulents in among your books and other decorative items in bookshelves

2. Centerpieces - as succulents come in a big variety of shapes and colours they can be mixed and combined creating gorgeous centerpieces. To bring them all together you can place the little pots of succulents on a try.

3. Terrariums - create a miniature garden inside a glass vase, with layers of soil, sand, stones, moss and succulents. I love this infographic on how to make a terrarium by The Note Passer.

4. Tealights - you can recycle any kind of pretty small container, like tea cans, tea cups, etc and have several mini planters for your succulents but my favourite choice is recycling empty candle recipients or use tealights to plant your succulents.

5. Vertical gardens - you can cover totally or partially a wall with a succulent vertical garden, a clean and easy to maintain option for these trendy types of garden.

Image sources: 1. April & May  |  2. Christine Bonnivier | 3. Creatures Confort | 4. Happy Interiors Blog

Las suculentas son probablemente la planta favorita de todos aquellos que no tengan un buen historial de mantener una planta viva en casa durante mucho tiempo (incluida yo). Este tipo de planta es muy resistente, robusta y apenas necesita atención.

A diferencia de muchas otras plantas, las suculentas no necesitan regarse demasiado. Retienen el agua en sus hojas por lo que durante los días más calurosos del año basta con regarlas una vez por semana y durante los meses más fríos pueden pasar mucho más tiempo sin regar. Para saber cuando necesitan regarse basta con ver si la tierra sobre la que están plantadas esta seca.

Cómo decorar con suculentas


  1. Estanterías – añade toques de verde en tu salón o estudio distribuyendo varias suculentas por una estantería de gran tamaño. 
  2. Centros de mesa – las suculentas tienen una gran variedad de formas y colores y pueden combinarse entre si formando un centro de mesa de gran colorido. Si están plantadas individualmente se pueden colocar sobre una bandeja para dar unidad al centro. 
  3. Terrarios – las suculentas pueden quedar fenomenal dentro de un jardín en miniatura en el interior de un recipiente de cristal. Me encanta esta infografia sobre cómo crear un terrario de The Note Passer.
  4. Velas – puedes reciclar cualquier pequeño recipiente, como latas de especias o tazas de café, y utilizarlos como pequeñas macetas para plantar tus suculentas, pero mi opción favorita es utilizar pequeños vasos de velas ya gastadas. 
  5. Jardines verticales – se puede cubrir con suculentas toda una pared o parte de ella (interior o exterior) y crear con ellas un jardín vertical limpio y fácil de cuidar. 

| Trendy Blush Leather Chairs

Smith chair in blush leather by Barnaby Lane. Image by Tori Simpson and styled by Nat Wheeler.

L eather has always been one of the favourite materials for upholstery. Hard wearing, easy to clean and very stylish, leather has been a classic in sofas, chairs, armchairs and even headboards. But when we thought people was starting to get tired of black and white leather furniture a new generation of blush, nude and caramel toned leathers just made its appearance.

You can find these new colours in some modern archchair designs or leather hangers. But we may end up finding then in feminine and delicate sofas or headboars any time soon.

Below are my four favourite picks: the stylish Rama Chair, the classic Butterfly Chair reinvented in this new material, the cute September Chair and the modern Toro Chair.

Ovis leather lounge chair by Ladies and Gentlemen. Photo by Andy Johnson for The Design Files.

Left. Toro chair and ottoman designed by Blu Dot in Bri Emery's living room, of Design Love Fest. Right. Same chair. Photo by Hannah Blackmore.

La piel ha sido desde siempre uno de los materiales favoritos para tapicerías, por su durabilidad, facilidad de limpieza y su elegante look. Pero cuando pensamos que la gente estaba empezando a cansar de los clásicos sofás o cabeceros de piel negra o blanca, hace su aparición en el mercado una nueva generación de piel en suaves tonalidades rosáceas

Estos nuevos colores de piel se están popularizando rápidamente en modernas sillas y tiradores, pero quizás acaben llegando también a sofás y cabeceros dando un toque mas femenino y delicado a dormitorios y salones. 

Abajo podéis encontrar mis cuatro modelos favoritos de sillas de piel rosácea: la elegante silla Rama, la clásica silla Butterfly ahora reinventada en este nuevo material, la monísima silla September y la ultramoderna silla Toro.

| Understated Boho-chic Bedroom Decor

E ven though the term 'boho-chic' is not something that you may see too often in my blog, today I actually felt completely in love with the style after seen Plum & Bow designs in the Urban Outfitters shop.

Inspired by the soft colours of this bedroom, its layers of textures, and it's effortless and still beautiful style, I have created a mood board with my best boho finds. The result is a relaxed and understated decor, with a feminine touch, that blends vintage and exotic styles.

Aunque el termino 'boho-chic' no suele aparecer a menudo en mi blog, la colección de Plum & Bow de Urban Outfitters, de un marcado estilo bohemio, ha conseguido conquistarme.

Inspirada por las suaves tonalidades de este dormitorio, la combinación de texturas y su estilo desenfadado, he creado un panel de inspiración con mis mejores hallazgos de estilo bohemio. El resultado es un dormitorio relajado y sencillo, con un toque muy femenino, donde convergen estilos vintage con otros mas exóticos. 


1. Macrame Plant Hanger, by Cleopatra J Macrame (Etsy); 2. Unscented Candle, found in H&M home; 3. Octogonal Box, found on Zara Home; 4. Jute Round Rug, found in H&M Home; 6. Plum & Bow Mia Medallion Bed linen, found in Urban Outfitters; 7. Moroccan lantern, found in  Zara Home; 8. Graphite Tassel Pillow, found in Furbish Studio; 9. Pink Vase, found in H&M Home; 10. Palisade Side Table, found in Freedom

| A Modern Home With An Industrial Edge

L ocated in the heart of Melbourne, the 50 Moor Street, by Milieu Property, is a collection of five exclusive town residences that encapsulate contemporary inner city living in one of the most livable cities in the world. The town residences blend modern interiors with an industrial edge and a elegant yet functional design.

The interiors features beautiful natural wooden features with ultra-stylish white marble finished in an open-plan living space. The soft grey and mint colour palette in furniture and soft finishes creates a relaxing interior space.

Bedroom and living room feature several pieces by Jardan, like the Seb armchair, the Iko coffee table, the Knit rug, Navy dining chairs and Errol sofa. The bedroom repeats the same combination of materials and colours to give continuity to the space.

Photography by Tom Blachford.

| Six trendy things to transform your bedroom

Photo found here

I f you are thinking about updating your bedroom and don't know what to keep and what to toss, to help you decide here are today six trendy items for modern bedrooms this year:

1. Dust Pink - mute colours in general and dust pink in particular, combined with white and shades of grey, add a feminine touch to the bedroom and create a Scandinavian inspired colour scheme .

2. Over-sized mirrors - don't hang them on the walls, just put them on the floor next to your wardrobe or dressing area. They are a must in the bedroom this year!

Edina Wall Mirror by Country Road

3. Copper, blush leather and white marble, combined with a classic natural wood, are the most popular materials in accessories this year. They will give a sophisticated touch to the bedroom.

4. Geometric shapes - especially hexagons have become the hero of 2015 and are now everywhere, in patterns, in accessories, in pendant lights, etc.

Norsu Interiors Bedroom, featuring product by Menu, OYOY Living Design and Louise Vilmar. Styling by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors and photography by Armelle Habib. Photo credit Norsu Interiors

Modern Garment Rack by Danish furniture design brand Woud
5. Pendants or desk lamps - the traditional side-table lamp is been replaced by pendants hanging on the ceiling over the side-table or by desk lamps that facilitate tasks like reading in bed.

6. Good-bye wardrobes, hello garment racks - cloth racks are becoming a popular option in rentals and young apartments that don't want to waste money or space in putting together a wardrobe for the bedroom. The traditional garment racks are back in modern and beautiful designs and a big variety of DIY designs to steal.

Ladder, chair and trow blanket by Country Road

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