How to create the perfect dressing room

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A dressing room is every woman’s dream. It’s a personal space where you can transform yourself and get ready to go out looking your best. It’s also a great storage solution to have all your personal stuff perfectly organized in one place. Dressing rooms mix functionality with a sense of lux.

Today’s post has been inspired by Homify dressing room gallery where designers and experts have shared their best ideas to create a dream dressing room at home.

Finding the right space


If you’re thinking about adding a dressing room in your home, space may be the first challenge that you could face. As many homes lack space, you will have to prioritise needs and dedicate the right space to what you will actually use on a daily basis. For example, do you have a guest room that never has guests? Then, you may want to buy a folding sofa in case those guests finally come and visit one day and re-purpose that empty bedroom creating a dressing room in it.

Dressing rooms are usually part of the main bedroom, however any spared room close to your bedroom could be also utilised as dressing room. That guest bedroom that never has guests, the study room where you never work in or the nursery if your kids have grown up can be transformed into a practical – also glamorous – dressing room.

If you are not sure about how you can incorporate a dressing room into your home, go to Homify Discursion area where you can ask questions and get some expert advise to resolve your designed dilemmas.

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Planning your dressing room


If you finally found the perfect space to create a dressing room, before starting to buy storage solutions, plan the layout and the amount of storage to suit your needs. You may want to start by doing this:
  1. Clean up your current wardrobe. Donate everything that you don’t need and throw away the rest. 
  2. Organise the clothes to keep in different boxes according to their type (pants, shirts, skirts…) and season. 
  3. Now that you know the amount of clothes that you need to fit in each compartment, you are ready to choose a suitable storage solution for each type of clothes and plan the space efficiently. You can use Homify to find the right storage solutions as well as get and compare different quotes or find professionals who can design and build customised solutions for your dressing room. 
  4. Mix open shelving solutions with drawers to organise small accessories and underwear and to hide those things that you don’t want to be seen.
  5. Buy boxes and baskets to organise shoes, accessories and jewellery. 
  6. Add some wall-hangers to hang handbags, jackets and any other thing that you frequently use.


 Four essential things that any dressing room must have

Shelving systems are up, so it’s now time to add the finishing touches to your dressing room. There are four things that you can’t forget in this space.
  1. Seating: a stool, ottoman, small bench or armchair will help put your shoes on and taking them off comfortably. 
  2. Lamp: Dressing rooms usually are intimate spaces with lack of natural light. Natural light may not be an essential in a dressing room but artificial lighting is. From down-lights inside the storage to a desk lamp on your dressing table all can create a cosy and intimate feel along with a functional sense. 
  3. Mirror: A must-have in a dressing room. Apart from its obvious function, mirrors can also make the space look bigger and brighter which can be very beneficial in small dressing rooms to increase the sense of space. 
  4. Floor covering: A small rug on the floor will add cosiness and conform when you walk footbare in winter. 

| Decorating With World Map Wallpapers

Image via Lovely Life

W orld map wallpapers can be an excellent alternative to traditional wallpapers for any room in the house. Whether they are neutral and discreet (like the one in the image above), colourful and bright (like those ones below) or creative and illustrated, ideal for kids rooms (like the ones below) they are a great way to add interest to boring walls. World map wallpapers go very well with black metal furniture with a vintage look.


Los mapas mundi de gran formato son una estupenda alternativa a los papeles pintados tradicionales para decorar paredes en casa. Tanto los diseños de tonos neutros (como él de la imagen de arriba), los mapa multicolor (como estos de abajo) o ilustrados, ideales para habitaciones de niños (como esos otros de abajo) todos ellos pueden transformar una pared aburrida en el centro de atención de una habitación. Los mapas mundi combinan a la perfección con mobiliario de hierro negro y estilo vintage.

Image credit:  1. Inside Out   |   2. Le Sojorner   |   3. The Design File   |   4. & 5. Little Hands Wallpaper

| A modern apartment in Oslo

L ocated on the fourth floor of a classic building in Oslo, this 94 square-meters apartment blends the beauty of classical architectural features with contemporary pieces of furniture and modern art.

After living for many years in different cities in Europe, its owners architect Karen Selmer and Lars Tovik came back to their home country Norway and found in this apartment the perfect home for their family of three.

The apartment was photographed by Sandra Aslaksen and featured recently by Norwegian magazine Bo Bedre where you can see more photos of its interior and styling details.


Ubicado en la cuarta planta de un edificio clásico en Oslo, y con tan sólo 94 metros cuadrados, este apartamento combina bellos elementos arquitectónicos de estilo clásico con piezas de diseño contemporáneo y arte moderno.

Tras años de vida nómada vividos en diferentes ciudades europeas, sus propietarios y arquitectos Karen Selmer and Lars Tovik regresaron a su país natal y encontraron aquí el hogar perfecto para su familia de tres.

El apartamento fue fotografiado por Sandra Aslaksen y publicado en la revista noruega Bo Bedre, donde podéis encontrar mas fotos de su interior.

| Watercolour bedheads for kid's bedrooms

U nsatisfied with lack of inspiring bedheads that the industry had to offer, interior decorator and upholsterer, Merryn Paul partnered with Sarah Falzon – a marketing expert – to bring Mexsii Bedheads to life.

Using original artwork curated from Australian artists and sustainable materials Mexsii creates vibrant bedheads in striking colours, with an environmental edge. Mexsii uses recyclable materials and non-toxic inks, printed onto a linen canvas. Every product has been designed, printed and hand crafted in Australia.

After the success of their first collection, Wanderlust, Mexsii Bedheads has recently launched Mexsii Kids, a range of 4 children’s bedheads for both older and younger, boys and girls.


I nsatisfecha con la falta de cabeceros originales existentes en el mercado actual, la interiorista Merryn Paul se asoció con Sarah Falzon, una especialista en marketing, para crear Mexsii Bedheads.

Mexsii es una empresa dedicada al diseño y elaboración de cabeceros tapizados con telas diseñadas por Artistas australianos. Mediante la utilización de materiales reciclables y tintes no tóxicos sus coloridos diseños se imprimen en suaves tejidos de lino, y son totalmente ecológicos e hipoalergénicos.

Tras el éxito de su primera colección de cabeceros Wanderlust, ahora Mexsii lanza al mercado una nueva colección para habitaciones de niños, con cuatro cabeceros de acuarela a todo color.

Photography by Felix Forest
Styling by Bek Sheppard

| Mediterranean inspired outdoors, by H&M Home

Today I'm loving H&M Home outdoor collections inspired by the Mediterranean summer. Different collections for different styles and homes take us to a mental trip across the Mediterranean Sea. Maritime blue and white stripes combined with natural textures are inspired by the Greek Islands picturesque landscape, while exuberant prints, coloured glass and intricate decorations take us to Formentera's bohemian style.

The H&M Home new collections are a celebration of colours and textures under the Mediterranean sunlight, each of them with a unique style to create at home your own personal outdoor setting.

Hoy me está encantando el nuevo catálogo de exterior de H&M Home, inspirado en el verano mediterráneo. Diferentes colecciones con estilos muy distintos nos hacen sobrevolar el Mediterráneo en un viaje imaginario. Rayas marineras en blanco y azul combinadas con texturas naturales nos llevan hasta las pintorescas Islas Griegas, mientras que otros diseños a todo color, cristal y motivos llamativos adoptan el espíritu bohemio de Formentera.

 Las nuevas colecciones de complementos de decoración para exteriores de H&M se inspiran en los colores y las texturas del Mediterráneo, cada una de ellas con un estilo único y diferente para que puedas darle tu propio toque personal a tu zona de exterior.
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