Inspiring Workspaces: Studio McGee



After several years of running a design business from a spare bedroom at home, husband and wife team, Syd and Shea McGee, owners of Studio McGee, decided to take what was a small business into something along bigger.READ MORE

Get your outdoor furniture ready for summer

Beautiful balconyPhoto credits Ikea

With summer just around the corner, we’re looking forward to enjoying many dinners outside, in our outdoor area. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, surely you will spend many hours in it in the next coming months.READ MORE

Friday Wishlist: Turquoise velvet and brass mid-century glamour


Photo credit Antropologie

Today’s wishlist has been inspired by this gorgeous bedroom by Antropologie. It features a stunning bed, upholstered in a beautiful turquoise velvet, with brass legs. Over the bedroom the Mid-century brass chandelier, in combination with marble and brass side tables, add a touch of glamour to this space.READ MORE

Femenine rose quartz and copper bedroom

Bild fotograferad för Ikea Livet hemma, 160121. Beställare Johanna Ridemar och Anna Lenskog Belfrage, Futurniture.

Photo creadits Ikea Livet hemma

The combination of rose quartz and metallic cooper is probably one of strongest decor trends around at the moment. Although this colour scheme may not for everyone – my partner thinks is horrible – it has catch many women attention for its sensual and femenine look.READ MORE

How To Choose The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
In just a few weeks, many countries around the world will be celebrating a very special day: Mother’s Day. This is the perfect occasion to show our mum’s our love and appreciation for everything that they do for us, and spoil them with something special.READ MORE

Summer Fete by H&M Home

H&M Summer collection

With summer just around the corner, we can’t wait to let the sunshine in and move outside to enjoy festive meals and lazy summer breakfasts. These images today belong to the H&M Home SS16 catalogue, and this look is my favourite one for outdoor spaces this year so far.READ MORE

A Mid-Century Modern Home In California

dreskRAV_04Photography: Bruce Damonte | Interior design: Alison Damonte

Located in a secluded property in the Berkeley Hills, this 1965 home blends a clean and minimal look with pops of colours and gorgeous pieces of art.READ MORE

My 10 Favourite Laundry Room Designs

Coco Republic Interior Design North Shore Sydney HousePhoto credit Coco Republic, North Shore Residence

It’s funny how the washing machine placement changes in different countries. In Spain, and in many other European countries, the washing machine is always placed in the kitchen! When my mum’s visiting us in Australia, she finds strange to see the washing machine in the bathroom.READ MORE