Marimekko’s Tropical Home

marimekko-cushionsPhotos Jacqui Turk in the Home of Bondi’s Aquabumps

A beautiful home in Sydney provided the perfect backdrop for the photo shooting of new SS16 collection of iconic brand Marimekko. Bold and vibrant floral patterns are combined with stripes in all sort of gorgeous home textiles. Colourful designs with a retro vibe have been Marimekko’s signature style for decades.READ MORE

Modern Bohemian Living Rooms

modern-bohemian-eclectic-living-room-01L.A. home designed by Californian interior designer Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. Photo by Tessa Neustadt

I remember my first post on bohemian style a couple of years ago. I’d never written about this style before and started my post saying something like: “The word ‘Boho’ has never appeared in my blog before…’ This word is now getting more a more common in my posts, thanks to a particular style that some American interior designers are creating, and that I adore more every day.READ MORE

A Contemporary home in the south of France

Photography: Nicolas Mathéus | Source: Cote Maison Magazine


I love seeing how old houses get a second chance and are rebuilt and transform into modern family homes. That’s exactly what French interior designer Marie-Laure Helmkampf of Ml-h Design did with this gorgeous 80’s house located in Nîmes, in Southern France.READ MORE

A Bright And Inspiring Home Office

Bright and Happy Office by Emily HendersonPhotos by Tessa Nuestadt for Target

One of the best things of working for myself is that I can decorate my home office and create a truly inspiring space where I spend many hours working on my creative projects.  I’m always looking for ways to improve this space that I’ve made my own, trying to make it more comfortable, bright, happy and inspiring.READ MORE

2016 Scandinavian Trends



Today I have in my hands the gorgeous new catalogue of Scandinavian homewares brand Hübsch. This catalogue is reveling some interesting trends for this new year in home decor from the Nordic design.READ MORE

Those Beautiful Classics: String Shelving Systems

String_6e_2014String® shelving system by Nils Strinning

You may have seen these light, yet stable, shelving systems in the Internet quite a few times filling both contemporary homes and office spaces. But if you don’t know anything about them yet, you may be surprised to hear that these shelving systems are actually a mid-century design.READ MORE