A Rental Delight In The Heart Of Lisbon

010-apartment-bento-margarida-matiasPhotography by Rodrigo Cardoso

Located in São Bento neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal, this short rental delight mixes the character and charm of old Lisbon apartments and the conform of a contemporary home.READ MORE

A Contemporary Apartment In Madrid

003-casa-c2-lucas-hernndezgil-arquitectosPhotography by Andrea Merlo

Located in an old 1880’s building of the popular Barrio de Salamanca, in the heart of Madrid, this apartment was transformed into a contemporary, diaphanous and ultra-stylist family home.READ MORE

A Poetess’ Apartment In New York

New York ApartmentPhotos by Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

Located on the Upper West Side of The City, the renovation of this two-bedroom apartment was the project that would help its owners in the emotional transition of having their son at home to let him go and live a life on his own.READ MORE

An Industrial Warehouse Apartment in Melbourne

bedroom-modern-white-black-greyPhoto credits Colin Doswell | Stylist Deb McLean

An old 1920’s print factory in Melbourne was transformed into an elegant three-story apartment with a chic industrial look. The almost monochrome colour palette is soften up with a beautiful wooden floor. Plants seems to extend from the courtyard to the interior and climb the walls up to ceiling, adding a natural feel to the apartment.READ MORE

A Soothing Apartment In Copenhagen


Located in Copenhagen this apartment is a beautiful example of vintage elegance and sophistication. It’s been beautifully decorated with mix-and-match of second-hand pieces that its owners, a Danish lawyer and her husband, collected over the years, like the 35-year-old sofa that previously belonged to her parents.


A modern apartment in Oslo

ocated on the fourth floor of a classic building in Oslo, this 94 square-meters apartment blends the beauty of classical architectural features with contemporary pieces of furniture and modern art.READ MORE

A Modern Home With An Industrial Edge

L ocated in the heart of Melbourne, the 50 Moor Street, by Milieu Property, is a collection of five exclusive town residences that encapsulate contemporary inner city living in one of the most livable cities in the world. The town residences blend modern interiors with an industrial edge and a elegant yet functional design.READ MORE