Contemporary Teen Bedrooms

Contemporary Teen bedrooms

Soon enough every family with kids has to put toys away in the storage room and replace the cute look of their child bedroom with teenager’s furniture, textiles and decor.READ MORE

Bed linen updates for the change of season

Pink Velvet Duvet Cox and CoxLuxe velvet duvet by Cox And Cox

The change of season is the perfect moment to wash, change and update your bed linen. In winter we love warm duvets, blankets and throws on top or flannel sheets inside. In summer, all our bed needs is just a thin quilt o soft cotton sheets for the warm summer nights.READ MORE

Modern Tufted Headboards

buttoned-headboardHarper Washed Birch Linen Headboard by Heatherly Design

Upholstered headboards have been a classic piece in bedrooms for decades. They are timeless and beautiful, as well as a fantastic way to add conform, texture and colour to your bedroom.READ MORE

Design Crush: Golden Headboard

Golden HeadboardStyling and photo by Ann Helen Lund and Solveig Grøvle for Boligpluss

Today I’m in love with this look that photographer and stylist Ann Helen Lund and Solveig Grøvle put together for Boligpluss. A clever styling has made of this stunning brass headboard the centrepiece of the space without making the room look anything over the top. A neutral colour palette for the bed linen and a simple side table, styled with touches of gold, white and green, complete the look in a soft and subtle way.READ MORE

Lush Bedding And Cosy Nights

hmprodPhoto credits H&M

From luxurious jacquard-weave satin bed linen, with Art Deco motifs, to dark floral patterns, this season H&M Home brings to our bedrooms a touch of glamour with a cosy feel. Dark blues and greens or soft pinks and greys are the trendy colour scheme.READ MORE

Beautiful Unusual Nightstands

blue-chair-nightstandPHOTO: Fantastic Frank

Many years ago a nightstand used to be a small piece of furniture with drawers. There was no other option, no room for creativity or new ideas. However, current design trends tend to break the rules in the bedroom by using the most unexpected objects as nightstands.READ MORE

Femenine rose quartz and copper bedroom

Bild fotograferad för Ikea Livet hemma, 160121. Beställare Johanna Ridemar och Anna Lenskog Belfrage, Futurniture.

Photo creadits Ikea Livet hemma

The combination of rose quartz and metallic cooper is probably one of strongest decor trends around at the moment. Although this colour scheme may not for everyone – my partner thinks is horrible – it has catch many women attention for its sensual and femenine look.READ MORE

Sleeping Under The Stars: Skylight Bedrooms

bedroom-schytte-home-Photography by Morten Holtum, Living Inside | Styled by Lykke Foged. Source Inside Out

There is nothing more romantic than sleeping under the stars, and if it’s in the comfort of your own bedroom even better. That’s why an attic bedroom would never be the same without skylights.READ MORE

Decor Trends: White bedrooms with brass accents

Photograph by Pia Ullin, Monochrome HomePhoto credit Pia Ullin for the book Monochrome Home written by Hilary Robertson and published by Ryland, Peters & Small. Found in Dwell

White is the favourite colour choice for bedrooms this winter. No more muted pink and purple, no more terracotta, no more black, this year winter bedrooms are primary white. Only subtle shades of greys are allowed in the bedroom, maybe a grey wall or a grey rug, but that’s all. READ MORE