Kitchen Trends: Copper And Pink

Black kitchen with pink tiles and copper accentsPhoto Leroy Merlin via Cote Maison

The combination of pink and copper is not new to us anymore. It’s been one of the strongest design trends in 2016. But what it’s a bit more unusually is finding this combination in kitchens and bathrooms.READ MORE

Revamp Your Kitchen In Three Simple Steps

White wooden kitchenPhoto Toby Scott for Inside Out


When your kitchen does not look the way that you would like it to, you might find yourself feeling restless while inside your house. This makes sense, as most people want to feel a sense of comfort and joy with their homes. The best way to go about finding a cure for these blues is by revamping your kitchen.READ MORE

Kitchen Trends: Mint Barstools

White-kitchen-mint-barstoolsPhoto credits: Above. White kitchen with mint barstools from the April 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by Sophie The. Photography by Brooke Holm. Below. Left. A practical table/counter with triangular barstools in mint, via SF Girl By Bay. Right. White kitchen with impressive pendant lamp, also featuring four mint barstools, via Desire to Inspire

Ioften hear people saying that white kitchens are too clinical. ‘It looks like a hospital kitchen…’ people say. However white kitchen, as any other white room in the house, are actually a perfect canvas to bring as much colour that you want. And not just that, trends come and go, and colours that are trendy today they will look outdated tomorrow. However a white kitchen is timeless and gives you the chance to introduce colour through accessories, lamps, tea towels, etc, and replace them with any other colour when you get tired of them.READ MORE

A beautiful Kitchen in blue and gold

Blue and brass kitchen

It may seem easy to create a great kitchen when you have plenty of space, but a large kitchen requires as much planning as a small one to be both functional and beautiful.READ MORE

A Classic Scandinavian Kitchen

Classic Scandinavian Kitchen

This gorgeous Scandinavia kitchen is the heart and soul of a stunning 1905 apartment recently renovated with a lot of care and attention to detail.READ MORE

A Cute Mini-kitchen Styling


Today I’m loving this fantastic kitchen styling by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, and published by Rebecca Judd in her blog. Rebecca’s blog has been for me the blog revelation of the year and this post is an excellent proof of it. The video-post contains great tips to style a small kitchen (like this one) and an interview with Julia Green. It’s part of a series video-casts published under the title of The Style School.READ MORE

3 Things To Do In The Kitchen In Autumn

Image source Hungry Ghost

Autumn has now arrived and always brings so many things with it: the beginning of a new school year, the harvests, dry leaves laying on streets and parks, shorter days, longer nights, etc. Although the cold winter is still far away from us, it’s now time to start thinking about warming up the house to bring that cosy feeling that we all love at love.READ MORE