The Beautiful World Of Kutikai


When Polish architect duo, mums and friends Marysia and Dorota, had children their world took a completely perspective: the child’s perspective.READ MORE

Cute Toddler Bedroom By Rafa Kids

Rafa-kids toddler room with grey in ornage 01

Today I’m fell in love with this fantastic toddler room by Rafa-kids. Soft tones of grey and white and combined with some pops of sunny orange. Walls were decorate with delicate patterns of birds and paper airplanes and the room was accessorised with blankets, pillows and soft toys.READ MORE

Designer wallpaper for Kids’ rooms

Acne JR wallpaper collection-gridPhotos by Unto Rautio and styling by Susanna Vento

Trompe l’oeil is their first wall mural collection designed by Stockholm-based toy company Acne JR for Photowall. The Swedish duo behind the brand are illustrator Mats Johansson and graphic designer Sofia Ekvall, who always work from the perspective of function as the guiding principle.READ MORE

Super-cute desk for little pupils

Mini classroomPhoto credit Les Petites Emplettes

One of the most exciting things that September brings is the back-to-school time! It’s exciting for kids, as a new school year starts full of adventures with friends. And it’s a super-fantastic moment for parents, as they can have a break from their little ones to go to work! (yes, believe me, the return to work feels better when you have kids…)READ MORE

Mini-Matisse Walls For Kids Rooms

d4c3beb8ebb84733063657e5d28e6cbaImages by Vellum studio for Petite Vintage Interiors

First time I came across Beneath The Sun was through an article in Australian Magazine Inside Out (see below). The eye-catching wall mural with colourful botanical shapes dancing in the air caught my attention immediately. Leah Bartholomew, the illustrator and designer who has brought this brand to life, had developed an beautiful range of homewares and home textiles.READ MORE