How To Incorporate Antiques Into A Modern Home

Antique daybedImage credit: Christine Dovey

Do you love the rustic, cozy look of antiques and find yourself wishing you could pull that look off in your own home? The good news is that you can, and you won’t even have to break the bank to get a picture-perfect home. All you have to do is have an eye for design, know what you can get to work in your home, and follow these simple tips.


Common Mistakes When Choosing Art For Home

urban-road-new-online-canvas-artArtwork by Urban Road


Abeautiful artwork is all that you need to bring visual interest to the space and give personality and soul to your home. But artwork selection is also very personal. The connection with Art is purely emotional and what some people may love some ones may not.READ MORE

Decorating With Straw Hats, Bags And Baskets

Straw hats and baskets displayPhoto credit Cristina Prescott

ou may have noticed a casual display of straw hats and bags in many summer rooms featured by decor blogs and industry magazines. It’s not that a distracted stylist forgot to removed all that stuff before the photographer took the photo. Those hats, bags and baskets have been included in the photo for a reason: they bring texture and colour on the walls of summer spaces.READ MORE

Femenine rose quartz and copper bedroom

Bild fotograferad för Ikea Livet hemma, 160121. Beställare Johanna Ridemar och Anna Lenskog Belfrage, Futurniture.

Photo creadits Ikea Livet hemma

The combination of rose quartz and metallic cooper is probably one of strongest decor trends around at the moment. Although this colour scheme may not for everyone – my partner thinks is horrible – it has catch many women attention for its sensual and femenine look.READ MORE

Hot pink and gold Christmas decorations

Photos by Cococerise

Today I’m loving this Christmas table setting and decorations by COCOCERISE. The traditional gold decorations have been combined with the trendy pink neon to bring colour and fun to the Christmas table. Most of the decorations have been made by herself recycling all Christmas ornaments or creating new ones with cardboard.READ MORE

Blue And Gold Christmas Inspiration

Christmas interiorsPhotography by Petra Bindel | Styling by Lo Bjurulf

A fantastic creative duo formed by photographer Petra Bindel and stylist Lo Bjurulf has created this gorgeous Christmas photoshot. Cosy and calm interiors, with dim candle-lights and a intimate palette of greys and blues combines with gold accents for a sophisticated touch.READ MORE

A Natural Autumn-inspired Tabletop

Natural Party styling


I can’t believe how beautiful is this tabletop styled by Bri Emery of Design Love Fest
and photographed by Brittany Wood. She had been asked to create a autumn-themed holiday tabletop incorporating some Target items and the result was this gorgeous styling.READ MORE