How To Incorporate Antiques Into A Modern Home

Antique daybedImage credit: Christine Dovey

Do you love the rustic, cozy look of antiques and find yourself wishing you could pull that look off in your own home? The good news is that you can, and you won’t even have to break the bank to get a picture-perfect home. All you have to do is have an eye for design, know what you can get to work in your home, and follow these simple tips.

Don’t be Afraid to Clash

Unless you happen upon a matching set of antique dishes, picture frames, or other items, chances are you’re going to fall in love with pieces that don’t match. Don’t try to force your pieces to work together or work too hard to find matching sets. Instead, embrace the charm in the mismatched.


Give Old Pieces New Life

When you’re out searching for the perfect antique for your home, don’t discount the piece that may need a little work. Instead, look at it from a finished perspective. You may love the frame of an old chair but not the upholstery. If that’s the case, simply reupholster it to breathe new life into your piece without completely changing its look.

Bathroom with antique vanity designed by Park and Oak


Embrace Different Eras

Maybe you love an old Art Deco couch and a Victorian-era chair but don’t think they’ll look good together in your living room. There are no rules that state your furniture has to be from the same era, so embrace the eclectic look of having pieces from different eras. They’ll likely make great conversation pieces.

Kitchen designed by Blakes London mixing a antique table with modern Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chairs. Over the table hangs a mid-century modern pendant light.


Find Alternate Uses for Pieces

You may happen across an antique that has no practical use in today’s world but you still love, such as a railroad tie, for example. Give old pieces new meaning by using them in new ways. A railroad tie may become a doorstop or a set of old mason jars can let you get the perfect rustic lighting.

Vintage card catalog as floating bathroom vanity in a modern bathroom designed by Rafter House


Find Pieces that Tell a Story

Part of the joy in hunting down the perfect antique for your home is coming across a piece that tells a good story. If you find an antique that comes with a rich history, don’t hide it away in a hutch or closet. Put it on display in your home where it’s a centerpiece of the room and people can enjoy learning about.

French panelled hall stand with bench and mirrorStunning French panelled hall stand with bench and mirror found in Angel and Boho


Don’t Overpay for Items

Hunt around for deals at auctions, yard sales, or estate sales. You’ll likely be able to snag a great find at a great price and can save yourself hundreds of dollars you may have otherwise paid from an antique dealer.

You don’t have to be a serious antique collector to get the perfect rustic look for your home. Simply follow these tips and be patient when it comes to finding the perfect piece and you’ll get the look you want in no time.

Glass CabinetBeautiful organised office space of Holly Marder, featured in Decor8

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