The Bathroom As a Place of Comfort at Home

ISSY Z8-4 Drawer VanityISSY Z8 4 Drawer Vanity, ISSY Z8 Triple Mirror Shaving Cabinet & SSY Z8 Tall Boy by Zuster.

You can begin and end each day in comfort and style with a modern bathroom vanity. The bathroom is a place where we spend plenty of time showering, grooming, and getting ready for the day or night, and it should not be overlooked as a place where we can increase our comfort, improve our home’s aesthetic, and increase the value of a property.READ MORE

The Beetle Chair by GamFratesi for Gubi

The Standard Copenhagen-beetle chair by GamFratesiBeetle chair at The Standard Copenhagen. Photography by Enok Holsegaard

Although the Beetle chair hasn’t been around for a long time it’s already a popular choice for interior designers around the world, especially in commercial spaces such restaurants, hotels and receptions.READ MORE

New Ikea Stockholm Collection 2017

Ikea Stockholm Collection 2017 rattan sideboard and armchair

Although dragging your other half to Ikea or keeping your kids under control inside the store can be a difficult task, we all  end up somehow in this place at least once a year. And this year I couldn’t resist myself to visit Ikea after seeing the new additions to their Stockholm collection.READ MORE

Bed linen updates for the change of season

Pink Velvet Duvet Cox and CoxLuxe velvet duvet by Cox And Cox

The change of season is the perfect moment to wash, change and update your bed linen. In winter we love warm duvets, blankets and throws on top or flannel sheets inside. In summer, all our bed needs is just a thin quilt o soft cotton sheets for the warm summer nights.READ MORE