Bed linen updates for the change of season

Pink Velvet Duvet Cox and CoxLuxe velvet duvet by Cox And Cox

The change of season is the perfect moment to wash, change and update your bed linen. In winter we love warm duvets, blankets and throws on top or flannel sheets inside. In summer, all our bed needs is just a thin quilt o soft cotton sheets for the warm summer nights.READ MORE

Stylish Mid-Century Breakfast Nooks

Mid-century Breakfast NookPhoto by Kira Brandt for Bo Bedre

Effortless and ultra-stylish in one, the classic mid-century dining areas – or breakfast nooks – are a trendy choice for modern homes. They are flexible spaces that allow you to mix and match different pieces, from classic mid-century designs to other modern, rustic or coastal elements to achieve an interesting eclectic look.READ MORE

Trending Desk Chairs

Photo by Nicole LaMotte for Parachute

There was a time where desk chairs used to be the classic office chairs in black or white leather with stain steel legs and wheels. Modern study spaces don’t limit their options to these office chairs anymore, they try different desk chairs in a variety of materials to add extra-comfort, natural warmth or light feel.READ MORE

Refined exposed brick walls

stylish exposed brick wall in the living roomPhoto credit Cassandra LaValle of Coco + Kelly via My Domaine

When we think about exposed brick walls, the first style to come to our minds is Industrial. Loft interiors and industrial spaces can not be imagined without this kind of walls. So when we think about exposed brick walls we also think about exposed pipes, iron columns, raw finishes and a nostalgic vintage feel.READ MORE

Indigo Rustic Look by H&M Home

Indigo Rustic Look by H&M

This beautiful modern rustic look by H&M Home is been achieved by combining layers of dark indigo with robust wooden details. Geometric patterns are printed in linen and cotton cushions, rugs and throws to add textural beauty to the space. The result of this combination of natural materials and dark colours is moody and cosy interiors with the dimmed light of scented candles and gorgeous craft items giving the space a stylish nod towards the ’70s.READ MORE