The Bathroom As a Place of Comfort at Home

ISSY Z8-4 Drawer VanityISSY Z8 4 Drawer Vanity, ISSY Z8 Triple Mirror Shaving Cabinet & SSY Z8 Tall Boy by Zuster.

You can begin and end each day in comfort and style with a modern bathroom vanity. The bathroom is a place where we spend plenty of time showering, grooming, and getting ready for the day or night, and it should not be overlooked as a place where we can increase our comfort, improve our home’s aesthetic, and increase the value of a property.

Modern vanities make a sophisticated update to the classic vanity, combining utility with contemporary style. These vanities give an instant upgrade to any modern bathroom. Whether you are simply looking to improve your own comfort or wish to impress guests, these vanities will help to improve your surroundings. You may be looking for a full bathroom renovation, complete with a luxury shower, new tiles, modern vanity and so forth. Or, if you want to improve this important room in a more straightforward way, then simply adding a new bathroom vanity can do the trick.

ISSY Z8-4 Drawer VanityISSY Z8 4 Drawer Vanity, ISSY Z8 Triple Mirror Shaving Cabinet & SSY Z8 Tall Boy by Zuster.

Many people are increasingly looking to modernise their homes, from the city to the country and all places in between. It’s also possible to include vintage styles with a modern twist, like this beautiful classic bathroom. Upgrading to a modern vanity does not necessarily mean you have to cut out traditional accents, unless of course that is what you wish to do. For example, a modern vanity would look beautiful under some rustic lights or above classic Italian tiles, and you can decorate the countertop with a classic accent piece such as flowers in a tasteful vase, or a lantern.

Simplicity can often speak more than a more complex living space. When you simplify your surroundings, you bring more focus to the decorations, and the furniture in itself becomes a work of art. Simplicity is achieving growing attention in books such as the bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, through spiritual teachers, and practices such as feng shui; and perhaps even your mom taught you some of this growing up. There are many modern bathroom vanities that fit this bill, showing great style by their simple design, and making for striking pieces that do not compete with the other objects in your home. There is no need to sacrifice style for utility when you can have both with these functional pieces.

ISSY Z8-6 Drawer VanityAbove and below, ISSY Z8 6 Drawer Vanity & ISSY Z1 Oval Mirror by Zuster.

ISSY Z8-6 Drawer Vanity

Svedbergs bathroom vanity Svedbergs bathroom vanity
Above, natural wood and brass Svedbergs‘ bathroom vanity, photographed by Marcus Lawett. Below, Frame & Rest minimalist black vanity designed by Copenhagen-based designers Norm Architects.
Frame and Rest-vanity by Norm Architects

If you are considering renovations to your home, bathrooms of all sizes, both large and small, can be a great place to focus as you get started. Consider playing around with both traditional and contemporary looks and find the combination that feels right to you. Decorating can be fun, and that goes beyond the living areas. Choose a vanity of any size, with any number of drawers and cupboards, and choose from different colors, black and white being especially popular for a modern feel. The bathroom is an important and essential room to any home, and one that both you and your guests will be using every day, so it is best to feel as at home as possible.

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